“I received an energy healing session with Leslie Ross.  I came to her with some chronic lower back pain.  After 1 session, I was relieved of pain COMPLETELY.  After several years, many, many appointments with chiropractors and several of hundreds of dollars down the drain, I found something that finally worked. The session took 45 minutes and well worth the time and money. “ K. Miller, Champaign, IL

“I had been searching for health for years but in the last 7 or 8 I’d been battling with chronic shortness of breath and chest pain…. I made massive eating habit changes, and took more supplements than I care to think about, spent thousands of dollars and lost part of the chest pain but was still plagued by the shortness of breath. As Leslie finished up the session and balanced out my system I could literally feel the tightness in my chest easing.  I’m grateful to Leslie for her persistence in digging out the roots of a problem that has plagued me for years. More than that, for her kind, intuitive ability to guide you through the gentlest non-invasive solution for those difficulties in a safe and caring environment. My shortness of breath is gone! Thank you, Leslie.” D. Berry Vancouver, WA

“I was coming down with the flu or a cold, and felt congested and very low energy. Normally when I get this way, by resting, taking lots of vitamins and liquids, I am able to lessen the severity of the illness, but it usually lasts the full term… one, two or three weeks. After a session with Leslie and following her instructions, I started getting better the same day and avoided getting sick altogether! I recommend seeing Leslie. She is gentle and caring.” Nancy R., Del Mar, CA

These are but three examples from hundreds of sessions with clients*…. book a session today and see for yourself what energy healing can do for you.


* Not all results will be this dramatic.  Each case is different.