How long is a session?

An appointment typically last about an hour.  At the beginning of a session we will discussed what changes have taken place since the last session as well as discuss what you would like to focus on in the session.  At the end of the session, there may need to be a time to rest.

Can I focus on one issue?  More than one issue? 

If you have a specific issue you would like addressed we can focus on that issue.  However, since healing involves several layers, the current session may need to address a more basic imbalance than the surface level symptom.  Yes, more than one issue can be addressed in a session and often is.

What if I don’t know what I need?

If you don’t know what you are looking to address, the session can be a general one.  That way the imbalance that is in most need can be addressed.

What should I wear?

It’s best to wear something comfortable.  This way you can relax during a session.

Will it hurt?

That’s the beauty of this system of healing, most often, you will feel relaxed and possibly drowsy during a session, and after the session, you may desire to sleep as your body incorporates the changes.  Typically, there is no pain or other sensation other than to be relaxed.