Can Energy Healing Help Your Diet and Exercise Programs?

  • Want to improve your health through healthy eating, but can’t seem to get going?
  • Want to change your eating habits but have struggled with making that change?
  • Your doctor has advised you to start an exercise program but you can’t seem to keep going past the first couple weeks (days)?
  • You feel better exercising, but can’t seem to keep on a program?

By dealing with the underlying imbalances within your system, energy healing may be able to help you with your goal!  Often there is a deeper issue related to why you “can’t” stay on a diet or “can’t” stay on the exercise program you want. By identifying and balancing that deeper imbalance, energy healing may be able to help you change those “can’t”s into CAN’s and assist you in reaching your goals.*

Diet Support

If you are ready to make a change in your eating habits for good, we can help you with the following:

Energy Healing Session

Often there is an underlying emotional, ancestral or trauma issue that has contributed to your current state.  Energy healing may be able to help by:

  • Identifying possible associated imbalances
  • Helping that energy to shift or be removed
    • An example: an imbalance may be blocking the assimilation of nutrients.*

Sometimes we need a little support in reaching a goal… that’s ok!  That means you are normal!  We can help you:

  • Set reasonable goals… Rome wasn’t built in a day, reasonable expectations and goals will help you start on your journey.
  • Learn how to read food labels… know what to avoid when you go to the grocery store.
  • Know what to have/not have in your pantry… yes, bad junk food has to go, healthy snacks are in!
  • Tasty recipes that are based on using whole and low glycemic foods.
  • Accountability…. often if we are not held accountable, we don’t follow through… we can help you find an accountability partner.
  • With each of these steps, an energy healing session can help support you on the journey by dealing with the underlying emotional, ancestral or trauma issues.
Nutrition Supplementation

Often the best diets cannot give us adequate nutritional support*.  If you are looking for a recommendation for nutritional supplements to support you in your goal for better nutrition, I personally use nutritional products which are used by many from top athletes to those who are looking to recover from serious illness.  For more information:   Click on this Link

Exercise and Fitness Support

Whether you are just getting started or have been on a program and have reached a plateau, or are training for a triathlon, we can help with the following:

Emotional, Ancestral or Trauma: these can reside as energies in your system preventing you from seeing yourself as successful.  By finding and balancing these imbalances, you can progress in your health journey more quickly.*

The Mind Game:  Many athletes know that the mind game is the most important part of the game.  I use MindVisioning™ in each energy healing session.  MindVisioning™ is a way to train your mind to serve you in any endeavor.  Within sports and fitness programs, it can help you to visualize better results.  Olympians use these techniques.  We offer:

  • Instruction on how MindVisioning™ works
  • Classes on MindVisioning™
  • Private coaching on application of MindVisioning™ to fit your specific circumstances.

To know more about MindVisioning™ please click on this link: MindVisioning™



*The FDA has not evaluated these statements.  Energy healing is an experimental and complementary therapy and is not a substitute for standard medical treatment.