Create Vitality™ offers the following classes:

Energy Healing… What’s that?

This free course is designed to introduce the basic science and principles behind energy healing.  In this hour long course, you will have the following questions answered:

  1. Is there science behind energy healing?
  2. What are the basic principles involved?
  3. What are the benefits?

There is no charge for this class and is for learners and practitioners alike.

Foundations of Quantum Self-Healing™

Our introductory course, addresses the basic questions that many clients have including:

  1. What do you mean by energy healing?
  2. How we fit into and operate within an energetic world?
  3. How interactive the body is when it comes to healing… physical, emotional, mental…. and how a rebalancing of a belief can affect your physical symptoms.
  4. How shifts can occur so quickly in an energy healing session?
  5. Is there science behind energy healing?  If so, what?

The course is includes, lecture, discussion and experiences that you will feel energy shifts, and also be able to learn to read energy in others.

What you will get from this course….
  • A basic understanding of how a comprehensive energy healing session works
  • A greater ability to participate in your own healing during an energy healing session
  • A greater understanding of your body temple.

This is a full day course and the charge is $199

Basics of MindVisioning™

This course is focused on learning and developing your inner ability to see things in your mind.  This can enhance your relationships with self, others, money, etc.  Skills in this area can help with athletic performance, in your profession, and with difficult conversations.  It helps with awareness and so much more*…   I use MindVisioning™ in each energy healing session.  I felt it was so important I created a separate website dedicated to sharing more.

The Mind Game:  Many athletes know that the mind game is the most important part of the game.  MindVisioning™ is a way to train your mind to serve you in any endeavor.  These techniques help you focus, allow you to understand yourself and others better and assist you in moving situations forward to win-win results*.  We offer:

  • Instruction on how MindVisioning™ works
  • Classes on MindVisioning™
  • Private coaching on the application of MindVisioning™ to fit your specific circumstances.

To know more about MindVisioning™ and the courses available, please click on this link: MindVisioning™

This is a full day course and the charge is $199

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Energy healing and MindVisioning™ are to be used as complementary therapies with standard medical treatments by licensed professionals.