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HOLISTICk Healing uses the principles of various sciences with the knowledge of ancient wisdom to address imbalances in the body.

We use a combination of healing systems:  chakra balancing, meridians, Chinese traditional medicine, kinesiology and more to find the imbalance.  Then we use the principles of  quantum physics to effect the balancing and the body begins to shift assisting the body with it’s ability to self heal.

HOLISTICk Healing uses many different sciences within a session… quantum physics, biochemistry, cellular biology… all working together to make large shifts in health in a short period of time!  By using these principles along with ancient wisdom from multiple healing systems, we are able to go to deeper imbalances.

Achieving better health usually involves addressing more than one imbalance.  By dealing with the underlying seemingly unrelated imbalances that caused the issue in the first place, energy healing may be able to help you speed your recovery.  Your journey is like the opening of a flower, and may take multiple sessions.

We can help you on your healing journey by balancing or removing “stuck” energies that may help you move past being stuck.  Our desire is to help you be in better connection with your body temple and to learn to take charge of your health.