Could science explain why you feel someone else’s pain even when they’re not near?

two lights background-665096_640Have you ever felt such a close association with another person, that even though they were far away, you were affected by what they were experiencing?

Think of mothers who feel the pain of their children even though they are not in the same place… I think that entanglement explains why this phenomenon occurs.


What is Entanglement? 

In the field of quantum mechanics, entanglement is the theory that a single particle of matter can become “entangled” with another particle of matter.  While they are in close proximity, one is affected by the changes in the other particle.

So What? 

So what?  you say… well the interesting thing occurs when you take those two particles of matter that became entangled when there were near each other and then separate them.  Even if they are separated by great distances, the scientists have proven that they still exhibit the same reaction as the other.    So, when you are feeling something, someone you love is feeling, who is miles and miles away, just consider…. could our particles be entangled?   :-)

I suppose that one of the most mysterious of quantum mechanic events would be an odd place to start writing about quantum physics in energy medicine, but I was reading about it the other day and felt it had a relationship to Quantum Self Healing™…  Enjoy pondering!

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Classes for November are filling up!

Create Vitality has a couple free classes for November planned:

“Energy Healing… What’s That?”
November 5th… starts promptly at 11:45am and ends at 12:45pm because I know you may need to get back to work…
November 11th starts promptly at 7:00pm and ends at 8:00pm you are more than welcome to mingle and chat afterwards.

These are both free classes, but you need to call to reserve a seat!

Also our introductory class to learn Quantum Self-Healing™ is coming in November
Foundations of Quantum Self-Healing™ Part I
November 14th (Saturday) at 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Cost of the class is: $199                   Want details?  Click here

Call now to reserve a space!

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Last Class for October – Call to Reserve a Seat

There is still time to get to a “Energy Healing… What’s That?” class in October… the holidays are coming and it may get to be difficult to carve out the time even for a free class….

The last one for October is on the 28th and starts at 6:30pm sharp!

Call now to reserve a seat… you can email too…

There is no charge for the class and plan to stay for an hour. We hope to see you there!

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Foundations of Quantum Self-Healing™ Class – Part I in November!

Announcing Part I of Foundations of Quantum Self-Healing™ Class

The class covers the following:

1)  Basic science behind energy healing

Science affect us, our bodies and our lives everyday.  Come learn about how physics, bio-physics, bio-chemistry, and quantum mechanics properties of the body and how easy it is to heal and change.

2)  Basic principles of energy healing the Quantum Self-Healing™ way

There are eight basic principles that affect the outcome of a healing session.  Getting yourself in the right mindset with understanding of how illness comes about and how to heal, can help you have better health and better sessions.

3)  Examples, tools and techniques

This is a hands on class.  You will learn techniques and practice them on each other.  Examples of properties and principles are used throughout this day class, so that you experience energy healing for yourself.

This class is recommended for those who:

  • Are curious about energy healing but don’t know where to start,
  • Have experienced a session but want to know more (you will have better sessions, the more you know)
  • Are a practitioner and want to add to your toolset.
  • Want to become certified in a science based modality

This is a 2 part class…. what isn’t covered in Part I will be finished up in Part II

Part I class cost is $199.  Discount if paid in full three weeks in advance.

Call 435-574-6443 for more information or to register.

This class will change your life because you will never look at things the same way.



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Coming in May 2015!

We will have a booth at the Veyo Farmer’s Market starting in May.  It will be on Saturday mornings from 9 am to 1 pm on the corner next to the Spanish Trail Supply Co., across the street from the Veyo Pie Shop.

We will be giving away one free energy healing session each Saturday in May*!  Also available will be mini-sessions “while you wait”…

Come see us…. first one is May 2nd!

*See details of contest at the booth….

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MindVisioning is here!

On our sister site, MindVisioning is up and running! MindVisioning is a tool that I have used for a long time, and is now available for you to learn!  I first learned of these techniques several decades ago.  And then became reacquainted with them about 10 years ago.  While many may be exposed to the initial development of the basic tools, MindVisioning takes a deeper look at what active visioning or bio-energetic communication is, and more importantly how to apply it.

Everyday we can visualize things, past, present or future…  But being able to put that into a structure, develop these skills to a much greater level and show you how to use them in everyday instances from relationships to business, from technical businesses to healing practices… these techniques can be applied in all that you do.

Please check it out at!

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I’ve got a book title!

Just to keep everyone up to date…  the book title is called:  “The Gift of the Body to Our Soul”… Our soul is a combination of the body and the spirit.  Our physical health and our spiritual health are so inter-twined that to separate them doesn’t do us service in moving toward better physical health.  There is so much that our body is and does for our soul’s journey… and many mysteries still to be uncovered.  The book will explore how our body supports our spiritual growth… whether we are healthy or not!   More to come….

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Book Coming!

After much thought and pondering…. I have decided to move forward with writing a book on all the knowledge I have been accumulating on the topic, “What is Energy Healing?”  In the coming weeks and months as I make progress, I will be sharing some tid-bits of what I’ve been writing… so that you can share with me on the journey.  Thanks for your participation!

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RESISTANCE …. I have been thinking about this word lately… and how it fits into the process of growth.  Whenever an individual or a group gets close to a breakthrough…  resistance shows up.

This resistance can take the form of increased emotional response, arguing, blaming, electronic or mechanical devices acting up… all sorts of seemingly non-related actions and feelings.  These things seem to appear just as we (the collective we) are about to go through a breakthrough.

The important keys are to recognize that these blow-ups are just resistance to us making that leap to the next level, and keep moving on through the resistance and allowing the change to happen.  The choice is breakdown or breakthrough.  There are several steps to recognize this pattern of resistance and several steps to help you breakthrough.  The following article mentions the steps to help you through resistance and break through to your next level of growth.

The first thing to do is to just commit to being aware of positive and negative activities in your life.  If things are generally okay… even if you have challenges… you may just be going through the normal set of life challenges… then you may start to see a pattern of things “blowing up”… internet connections are slow or non-existent,  cell phone calls dropped unexpectedly or more frequently than normal, arguments just popping up out of the blue, becoming angry over things that don’t usually bother you, more people than usual cut you off on the road, unpaid extra work unexpectedly showing up that overloads your time, getting sick.  It usually isn’t one thing, but a pile up of several things.  When you see a pattern of extra challenges… you are experiencing RESISTANCE.

Secondly, just take a deep breath and know that if you are experiencing resistance, that indicates that you are about to make a breakthrough…. within yourself or with someone else.  These breakthroughs are so important, that you can expect resistance to show up when you are about to make one.

Third, employ one of several techniques to assist you in making that breakthrough.  First, be patient with yourself and anyone else involved.  These extra challenges are stressful on you and everyone else… it seems easier to just throw your hands up in the air and not make the breakthrough, but having patience with you and others is worth it.  Second, love yourself.  Be kind… the fact that you are getting close to a breakthrough means that you are doing something worthwhile.  You deserve to love yourself.  Do something to help yourself… take a bath, have a cup of herb tea, go for a walk in nature.  Do something to reconnect yourself with the Divine.  And finally, allow the change, the shift to happen.  You don’t need to force it.  Just know that the extra challenges will usually disappear once you have made the shift.  Enjoy getting to know yourself and others at a deeper level.

These techniques and more are part of a seminar series conducted by HOLISTICk HEALING… for more information email

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