CreateVitality is a wellness center with two locations in Southern Utah.

After a 30+ year career in business, due to health issues, I “accidentally” found energy healing in the form of BodyTalk™.  Over the last several years, I expanded upon that with Accunect™, EFT, and the Emotion Code™ .  I am a Certified BodyTalk™ practitioner (CBP), an Accunect™ practitioner and use a variety of “tools” in my energy healing sessions including MindVisioning™.  I am also developing a science based energy healing modality, Quantum Self-Healing™

Office Hours:

  • 9:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday
  • Evenings and Weekends by appointment


Two locations:

Health Haven Therapy Center
352 E. Riverside Dr.
St. George, UT

Also in beautiful Veyo, Utah, just a short 20 minute drive north of St. George.  Located in the gorgeous Southern Utah high desert, the session room has a beautiful view of Pine Mountain and the restful pasture scene in front.

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My Story

As a youth, I had skills I didn’t know what to do with.  I was extremely “observant” and I could “just know” things about people or circumstances that I would have no way of knowing.  But like many, I grew up in a culture that did not value those gifts.  As I entered adulthood, I looked for a career path that would serve my life goals.  My family valued education, so I earned a Bachelors and entered the world of business.  Later, for myself, I earned a Masters degree…  During my career, I used my gifts in daily and business life, but didn’t really know what they were and how I was using them.  From interviewing to problem solving, to organizing someone else’s thoughts, my gifts were slowly being developed.  Unfortunately, it was tough going for someone with my sensitivities and over time, being in that stressful environment took a toll on my relationships and on my health.

By this point, I was experiencing all sorts of symptoms from a compromised immune system, severe hot flashes, to adrenal exhaustion, and a host of other symptoms.  I wanted to find healthy and natural solutions.  I had worked on my eating habits, exercise programs including weight training and yet, I was still exhausted and constantly getting sick.  I tried a few alternative healing therapies which helped, but didn’t make the significant improvement I hoped for.  I was finally at a point to try “anything”.   A friend suggested a local energy healer and after a single session, my symptoms of 10 years, went away within 3 days!  Okay… this had my attention…. but I still wasn’t thinking of it for a life path for myself… yet!

Within a couple months I took a class on energy healing… BodyTalk™  (see below for more information).  There I not only learned the fundamentals of energy healing, and experienced more healing for myself, but I was being reacquainted with my youthful gifts…. and I found I had more gifts than I had previously been aware.

I felt that I needed to develop these gifts, but since I believe in a Higher Power, I wanted to be assured that these gifts were from God.  Through much prayer, and over time I came to understand that these gifts are part of our Divine Nature and I felt impressed to develop them and use them for the benefit of others.  So, I decided to leave my business career and devote my time to developing my energy healing gifts.  I took all the BodyTalk™ courses multiple times, became certified in that modality as a Certified BodyTalk™ Practitioner (CBP).  Also, I took several courses in Accunect™ and became certified in that modality as well.  I have also trained in the Emotion Code and have experienced EFT.

As I have developed my skills as a practitioner, I found that many of the skills I developed during my years in business and leadership training in finding solutions for business problems have been preparatory to being used in a healing setting.    By putting clients at ease, am able to create a loving atmosphere in which to let go of energies that no longer serve you.  It is my desire for you to participate in your own healing and bring you to a better understanding of the role of your spirit and your body in your overall health.

Over the course of the past 6 years, I have taken hundreds of hours of courses in several modalities including.  Each practitioner brings multiple tools to each session and these modalities are comprehensive and deal with multiple areas of illness and performance.

I have worked with hundreds of clients over the past several years and I have participated in sessions that amaze me!  Click here for some testimonials….